The Weird World of Celeb-Dating Site Raya

Turns out, the dating scene is just as tough for celebrities.


It’s hard to imagine a world before dating apps, when people physically advertised themselves in “lonely hearts” newspaper columns and delivered awkward pick up lines at the bar. Now, even our favorite celebrities are going digital for date night. Sitting among the hordes of dating apps like Tinder, Hinge, and Bumble is Raya, a membership-only social network app, which has grown infamous for its high-profile members. The exclusive app seems ideal for a lonely celeb looking for love, but privacy issues and leaks threaten to crumble the app.

Essentially Tinder for the modern aristocrat, Raya self-describes as “online membership-based community for dating, networking and making new friends.” The app, launched in 2015, seems like a sweet deal for celebrities to network and mingle. Celebrities like Demi Lovato, Channing Tatum, Lizzo, Courtney Love, and others are reportedly Raya users. While Raya boasts an exclusive membership, non-celebrities also frequent the app.  

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In his Saturday Night Live monologue, Black Panther heartthrob Michael B. Jordan confirmed his Raya membership after splitting from model Lori Harvey. 

The first cracks in the system, however, appeared when Friends star Matthew Perry’s private video was leaked. TikToker Kate Haralson, who was 19 when the 2020 incident occurred, said, “I feel like a lot of guys in Hollywood are talking to all these young girls,” defending her choice to leak the video Perry sent to her on Raya. 

Various non-celeb TikTokers have detailed their Raya experience, dishing on which A-listers they’ve matched with. Some also lament the celebrities that have rejected them, ouch. This threatens to topple Raya’s main appeal, its secrecy. The app has doubled down on security, outright banning members who take screenshots.

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As the public hungers to learn about the inner workings of celebrities’ dating lives, the allure of Raya is simply irresistible to users and non-users alike.

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