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Get To Know Ramona Tabita: The Stylist Bringing A Fresh Vision To Fashion


For Ramona Tabita, working in fashion doesn’t seem like a career choice, but a fate that she could not resist. Growing up, Tabita was raised in a very fashion forward family, and as a result, her interest in styling was born quite organically.  

With years working in the fashion industry under her belt, Tabita has styled shoots for some of our favorite brands, commercials and celebrities. She notes that her career is not always as glamorous as many may imagine it, attesting that nothing comes easily. 

During our chat, Tabita shared some of the best styling insight you’ll ever discover. No matter what your career ambitions are, she can teach you a thing or two about chasing your dreams and creating your own happy ending. 


Looking back, can you remember what first sparked your interest in fashion? 

I've been interested in fashion since I was born. My parents always dressed in an eccentric way. I remember that as a child I was ashamed of how they dressed because it was different than other parents at my school. My father collects ties and bow ties (he has more than a hundred), and my mother is a Versace and Moschino lover. They have always been tempted to work in fashion. 

Tell us about your work as a stylist. How did you get started? 

Initially, I wanted to be a fashion photographer. In my personal shooting, I also styled the models, and with time, I realized that maybe I should only focus on styling. 

How would you define the Ramona Tabita look? 
I am greatly influenced by the memories of my childhood. My aesthetic goes through the late '80s and early '90s.

You’re working in a very competitive industry. How do you manage to create fresh ideas in an environment that’s so saturated? 

You have to draw inspiration from everything. Usually when I do a moodboard and I can't find web reference, I understand that I'm doing well—I'm doing something that's never been done before. If I do find my idea already exists out there on the Internet, I change inspiration.

Describe the first time in your career where you felt like you could say, “I made it.”

I am very ambitious, so I never think "I did" but always "I can do better!"

From Highsnobiety to ASOS, you’ve worked with a diverse group of clients. In your portfolio, what stands out to you the most?  

My aesthetic is very pop, and I think I come out in all my work, regardless of the customer.

We’ve all had our fair share of cringe-worthy fashion moments in our personal lives, but have you ever looked back at your old work and thought, “What was I thinking?”  
Hardly. Not even when I look at the work of 5 years ago. My aesthetic and my taste have always been mine. Obviously with time, my eye has refined, but I can't remember a job that makes me think, "What was I doing?!" 

What’s the biggest misconception people not working in your field have about your job? 

Most people think this is a dream job. Every day, students are writing to me to apply as assistants for my shoots. They come to the set, dress well and wear their heels. Soon enough, they run away. Many people have the misconception that hundreds of clothes materialize on the set and then disappear after shooting... They don't realize the hard work that goes into what I do.  

For you, what are the pros/cons of working as freelancer?

Just pro. I like a little bit of disfunction. I like to wake up at 6 a.m. on the day I work and then wake up at 12 p.m. when I don't have to work. Also for me to always change teams is very exciting. 

Since you’re the one usually giving the style advice, we’ll change it up a bit. What’s the best style advice YOU ever received? 
My mother always told me: "Dress as if you're going to party even when you go to throw out the trash because you never know who you might meet."

Your favorite label at the moment?

Y/ Project

What shoes would you want to be buried in?

Margiela's Tabi shoes. 

What would you say to young creative looking to break into the world of styling? 

I reccommend them to to take the time they need. It is not easy to gain a magazine's attention and confidence in showrooms. It takes time. 

And what’s next for you?

I will spend the summer in Paris.


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