Raja Kumari’s ‘Karma’ Video Heralds Indian-CyberPunk Future

Make Room For The Queen


The Indian American rapper and musician has just dropped a new video for her latest track ‘Karma’ and to say we are obsessed would be, well, an understatement. ‘Karma’ is the second track from the artist’s second EP, entitled Bloodline. The first track ‘Shook’ was released back in 2018 and quite frankly is an apt description of how we felt after watching the new vid.

The video features Raja in a cyberpunk neon universe, owning her Indian heritage like the boss lady she is, in a variety of different female characters. Raja described how this video is especially important to her because of the all-female team that helped bring her vision to life: “‘Karma’ is a reminder that beautiful things come to life when strong women put their skills together. The video was done by an all-female team. It started as a collaboration between myself and Sam Madhu and explores transitions from art to reality and remixes cultural elements from the past and future.” 

The singer explained how the idea was born: “Sam basically developed the idea of a neon universe in which I’m the central character, where traditional Indian elements like Rakshasa masks, goddesses and tigers are reborn with contemporary neon aesthetics to create a universe where I appear as an array of compelling, powerful female characters. So you’ll see a latex matrix-inspired Rakshasi, a neon devi with her shocking pink tiger, a futuristic laser goddess.” She honestly looks so awesome, we’re now on the hunt for neon warpaint. 

The Grammy-nominated artist, who has previously collaborated with Iggy Azalea, Fall Out Boy and Gwen Stefani is all about female empowerment and owning your bloodline, so it’s hardly surprising she decided to combine the two in her latest single. If you haven’t yet, check out the video below. This new age ‘Karma’ is definitely the kind we can get on board with.

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