Racism, Lies And Damaging Tabloids: Oprah With Meghan And Harry

A rundown of institution surrounding the monarchy illusion


Where to even begin? Many unknowns have been aired and cleared up in the Oprah with Meghan and Harry Interview Special. We have seen another side to what happens inside the walls of royals. To add we have heard of the compassion from the Queen towards both Harry and Meghan. For it is not her who makes the rules but what is known as 'the institute.’

It is no secret the British media has constantly pushed a racist narrative towards Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex. Yet it isn’t until now that we see the reality of this amazing woman, in her own words “judged on perception but living the reality of it.” Whilst being a working royal, her mental health suffered deeply despite asking for help, the institute just said no, leaving her to the point where she told Harry, “I can’t be left alone.” All whilst pregnant with their now two-year-old boy Archie. As well as multiple conversations regarding Archie’s title, status, security and SKIN COLOR.

Oprah askes “did you leave the country cause of racism” to which Harry replies “it was a large part of it.” In exclusive unseen footage, a powerful few words from Meghan "rude and racist are not the same" when explaining the different types of press between other royal members and herself.

But it didn’t all start that way, as Meghan appeared to be warmly welcomed into the family. Harry mentions to Oprah in the interview how strong the resemblance between his mother, Princess Diana, and his wife had during the South Pacific tour. Explaining how good they both were at the job of being a kindhearted working royal. Since the release of The Crown season 4, a fresh interest in Princess Diana started. Everyone knows how she was worn and broken down by the royal family.

As Meghan was left isolated and alone with no passport, ID and no way out, your mind goes straight to poor Diana left in the house alone for months. In these striking similarities between Diana and Meghan, Prince Harry saw “history repeating itself” which he is very open about. “But definitely far more dangerous, because then you add race in, and you add social media in.”

It was confirmed the British tabloids and the royal family go hand in hand, both existing, thriving and surviving off each other. Although Harry does state the royal family are far more trapped within the system than we see. It is undeniable that the royal family institution has some explaining to do, yet likely will be done with lies as they spread easier. Meghan says “they weren’t willing to tell the truth to protect me and my husband.”

Harry has been financially cut off, which includes security rights. Arguable it would never have happened if Meghan wasn’t mixed race. Thus also means that their children have no rights or protection for their lives. Meghan comments stating she regrets believing the institute when they told her she would be protected.

However, this story does have somewhat of a happy ending. “I just love rescuing,” Meghan says regarding their rescued hens at their home in LA but also, you can apply it to her saving the Prince from what seems like a very grand prison.

If you haven’t yet watched the Oprah interview with Meghan and Harry, fear not it’ll be on British TV this evening.

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