Quinn's Magic: A Capsule Beyond Time

Trip in a psychedelic space age.


Imagine stepping into a world where the vibrant essence of the '60s and '70s fashion collides with the futuristic allure of space age aesthetics, all through the visionary lens of British designer Richard Quinn. This isn't just a figment of imagination, but the reality of the latest collaboration project unveiled by Max&Co., a contemporary label known for its fresh and innovative approach to fashion.



This psychedelic space-age trip it's as mesmerizing as it sounds. Richard Quinn, a designer celebrated for his extravagant use of prints and bold patterns, has partnered with Max&Co. to create a capsule collection that feels like a love letter to both the past and the future of fashion.

The collection, aptly named “MAi.”, short for a mix of AI and magic, showcases Quinn's unparalleled ability to blend his signature floral designs with geometric motifs, all splashed in bold, eye-catching colors. From the streamlined silhouettes of cropped jackets and miniskirts to the ethereal grace of crepe de chine dresses, each piece whispers tales of a bygone era while showing the possibilities of the future.


Maria Giulia Prezioso Maramotti, the omnichannel retail director at Max&Co., praised Quinn for his fresh and daring approach to fashion. His unique perspective and dedication to craftsmanship have culminated in a collection that's not just wearable art but a bridge between cultures, showcasing a harmonious blend of Italian elegance and British avant-garde.

As I reflect on the “MAi.” collection, it's clear that it's a journey into the unknown, a celebration of the past, and a bold step into the future. Richard Quinn and Max&Co. have not just created a collection; they've crafted a portal to a world where fashion is the ultimate form of expression, unrestricted by time and unbounded by imagination.

Isn't it a wild blend of past and future?


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