Queen Of Lyrical And Musical Contrasts Is Back

‘Heaven, Wait’ by Ghostly Kisses discusses different kinds of transitions.


Three months ago, we covered a release of melancholic ‘Don’t Know Why’ by Ghostly Kisses, an interesting musical project, full of melancholy and reverie, created by French-Canadian singer and songwriter, Margaux Sauvé. She comes back with a more upbeat yet still mesmerizing and enchanting single, ‘Heaven, Wait,’ announcing her debut album.

The song showcases her signature aerie style, romantic vocal, and ethereal piano but it also surprises with a rhythmic progression and dance beat. As ever, Ghostly Kisses wraps up different kinds of paradoxes, both musical and lyrical.

Margaux summarizes contrasts featured on ‘Heaven, Wait’ in a poetic way. ‘It is about transitions: from friendship to love, life to death, solitude to relationship, childhood to adulthood. A transition from the dark towards the light; from difficult experiences to being at peace with these events.’ The release is accompanied by a video whose contemporary dancers visually complete the song’s message.

The upcoming debut album by Ghostly Kisses, ‘Heaven, Wait,’ shares the title with the newest single, which gives a little flavor of her soon-to-be-released project. The record will come out in January 2022.


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