Protect Your Skin With These Winter Hacks

Minimise the insecurity that comes with feeling self-conscious about your skin.


The changing of the seasons can be a difficult time for many, especially if you have specific issues or sensitive skin. Harsh winds, colder temperatures, scarves and, in 2020, face masks, can all contribute to irritating changes in your skin. This article provides some advice and recommendations to take care of yourself this winter and minimise the stress and insecurity that comes with feeling self-conscious about your skin.

Chill Out

First of all, while taking care of your skin is important, it is more important to know that having issues is normal, common and not a big deal, no matter your age or the severity you perceive of your skin condition. No one is more critical of yourself than your own mind, and accepting your skin, and knowing that it does not define or affect your value as a person is something you need to realise before trying to change its appearance. It is difficult, but you will feel happier and more comfortable in your daily life if you are content and confident.

Adapt Your Regimen

Another thing to consider is how the needs of your skin change with the weather, and choosing the products to match. Do you develop more severe eczema in the winter or suffer from psoriasis? Do you have tight or dry skin or more breakouts? Then you need to invest in materials which will combat these particular issues, instead of blindly following your normal skincare routine. This Merryderma selection on eczema skincare is a good curation of the type of moisturisers, washes, balms and that may be beneficial (even if they don’t ship globally). Don’t forget to read up on the benefits and advice for different products, and don’t be afraid to explore and match different brands together for the combination that works for you.

Wash Your Mask

This is really important if you have noticed your acne getting worse in recent months. Wearing a facemask is incredibly important and the social responsibility for the majority of people, and you should not only wash it between uses for hygiene purposes, but also for your skin. Ideally, if you have been wearing your mask throughout the day you should wash it (here’s how) and your face when you get home to reduce the chance of breakouts.

Consider purchasing a few different masks to wear on different days of the week, to prevent confusing them and re-wearing the same facemask. Since masks are small, they are also easy to hand wash at the end of the day, so it’s not a huge chore. There are also benefits to wearing a mask when it comes to skincare – often people forget SPF protection in the winter, and since the mask covers a good portion of your face, it is a brilliant way to prevent damage by sun exposure. Make sure to still protect the exposed areas like the forehead and neck, however!

Try out these tips to save your skin this winter, and remember that it’s a process, not a quick fix! Be patient to your skin, and kind with the products you use. Don’t overload on harsh chemicals or rough practices to try and see results quickly, as you will only cause damage in the long term.