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Girls Music Production Workshop Lands In Berlin

You Can Be The Next Grimes.


Sweat drips down your temples, your hair sticks to your shoulders, and your friend crashes into you at the precise moment when the beat drops. The whole club pulses like one heartbeat to a blaring track that surrounds you. Everything else has faded away… If you recognize this feeling and have ever been curious about music production, keep reading!

Our very own Lily, better known as Empress Linoleum, a female producer originally from London, will be leading an introductory girls Music Production workshop in Berlin on the 19th October, and you should definitely be there.

Lily started producing music at 16 and went on to study Creative Music Production at uni where she graduated with a First Degree. Following her training, she released her first EP, Reiki, which she self-produced on SoundCloud in 2018. Basically, she’s a badass.

Oscillators, EQ, and LFO’s…umm what? If you find it all a bit intimidating, chill. Our workshop will aim to teach you the fundamentals of music production through Ableton Live and get you producing your own tracks right away. No need to get caught up in all the jargon.

The workshop will teach you how to navigate the music software program Ableton Live, as well as teaching you how to record and build a beat. Meanwhile, the self-directed aspect to the session will allow you the space and creativity to come up with your own styles to create a unique sound design from sine waves. You might even leave the session with a rough track to spin at your next party…#yourewelcome

So what will you get out of this workshop?

  • The opportunity to get creative in a fun and easy-going workshop environment where all opinions are encouraged
  • An engaging, practical introduction to the basics of music production - all you need to know to get you started
  • A practical understanding of Ableton
  • A freshly created Beat (interactive)
  • The ability to make your own instruments (sound design, interactive)
  • Basic Mixing skills
  • The confidence boost that comes with bringing your creative idea to life
  • A workshop goodie bag


What do you need to bring?

  • A laptop and power adapter
  • Ableton Live Software or a download of the 30-day free trial
  • A pair of headphones
  • Your hella, cool self!

The workshop will run from 11pm to 3pm in Berlin on October 19th. In the meantime if you need us, we’ll be on the dance floor.