Princess Nokia Releases J.Lo Inspired Video For It’s Not My Fault

A modern take on the 90s music video.


Rapper Princess Nokia has released It’s Not My Fault, a track that explores the online platform OnlyFans.

Princess Nokia has grown exponentially since the release of her album 1992 Deluxe in 2017. Last year she released two albums and her single I Like Him became notorious on TikTok. The singer has released the track It’s Not My Fault accompanied by a music video inspired by Jennifer Lopez’s debut single If You Had My Love

The video directed by Sebastian Sdaigui has clear parallels between It’s Not My Fault and Jennifer Lopez’s If You Had My Love. The 90s classic saw Lopez being filmed through security cameras which was then streamed to different computers. Princess Nokia’s video takes a modern approach, bringing it up to speed with the 21st century. An advancement of technology is a prominent upgrade, the singer’s video is broadcasted through VR headsets and computer glasses. 

Speaking about the video, Princess Nokia mentioned how Lopez’s video symbolized mainstream coming of age. She wanted to replicate the representation of the average millennial woman and the progression towards a more interactive era.

Female empowerment is prominent throughout Princess Nokia’s discography, and the focus on OnlyFans in both music video and track emphasise the importance of the platform and how it has allowed women to make a substantial income whilst reclaiming their sexuality in an environment that they can control.

It’s Not My Fault is available on streaming platforms now.

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