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Prada Has Started The Production Of Medical Overalls And Masks For Healthcare Professionals In Italy

In response to the spread of COVID-19.


After donating six intensive care and resuscitation units to hospitals in Vittore Buzzi, San Raffaele and Sacco in Milan – Prada is continuing to get hands-on to fight against the spread of the coronavirus after it announced earlier today that it has started the production of 80,000 medical overalls and 110,000 masks, which will be manufactured in their factory in Montone, Italy.

To try to ease the decline of medical supplies such as gowns and masks due to the overwhelming number of patients, the Italian luxury brand will allocate the items to healthcare personnel following an urgent request from the Tuscany region. The production plan will provide daily deliveries to alleviate dwindling supplies, with the full contribution to be delivered by April 6.  


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