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Prada Becomes The Latest Luxury Brand To Address Diversify Within Their Brand

New York And Milan Employees Will Receive Sensitivity Training


Diversity, inclusivity and representation have been buzz-words in the fashion industry over the past few years. With runway lineups becoming more racially diverse, campaigns being more presentation of the real world, and more people of ethnic minorities being appointed in leadership roles, the industry is making improvements. But there is still a long way to go. Prada is the latest designer label to make changes in order to diversify the label.

In December 2018, the brand faced a racism controversy after placing figures outside their New York City Shop that many found to resemble monkeys in blackface. Prada removed the dolls, issued an apology statement and shortly after, in February 2019, they established a Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council.

Now, the luxury brand has signed a deal with the New York City Commission on Human Rights. It will see all New York and Milan-based employees (including Miuccia herself) undergo “sensitivity training”! The training will educate employees on racial equity and encourage minority community outreach. As part of the deal, Prada is also required to appoint a Diversity and Inclusion officer and they have 120 days to do so! The officer will monitor the process of all Prada designs to ensure they meet standards and will cause no further controversies for the brand.

Other brands have also been targeted, with Gucci appointing their Diversity Chief last year. The commission is also looking to make deals with Gucci and Dior.

(images via Prada Instagram)

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