Pornhub’s New Sex Ed Series Is Here

To teach you everything your high school curriculum didn’t.


Let’s be honest, sex ed at school is pretty subpar. Consisting for most of a few awkward hours of pamphlet reading and poorly acted videos, it’s no surprise that (especially young) people get most of their knowledge about sex from popular culture and the internet. With this in mind, it’s disconcerting to realize that porn — a fantasy factory — may be a person’s first ‘real’ exposure to sexual imagery.  Fortunately, the Pornhub Sexual Wellness Center is conscious of this fact and has recently released a new sex ed video series to dispel myths and teach viewers about sex in an informative and entertaining way. Oh, and you’ll be pleased to know body anatomy is (un)covered!

"I am thrilled to present to our followers a brand-new initiative at the Pornhub Sexual Wellness Center. As promised, we are tapping into different platforms and mediums to extend the sexual health information we bring to those who seek our resources. Our mission is to share quality information, and we continue to explore ways that we can do that in not only an educational way, but an entertaining one. Many people have questions on how to have sex, so we hope that our video series will provide the visuals that go with those questions. We will be adding video content on a regular basis, so make sure to look out for them!" said Dr. Laurie Betito (director of the Sexual Wellness Center) in a press release. 

So far 11 videos have been posted, of which you can access here. Topics include STD protection, male & female anatomy, masturbation habits, and most importantly, “safe sex in the time of COVID-19.” Who’d have thought Pornhub could replace school!? 

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