Pixi Launch New Clarity Collection

Could this be your skincare saviour?


Pixi has launched a collection of products designed to clarify the skin. All the products are suitable for all skin types and contain a variety of ingredients designed to minimize breakouts and treat existing pimples quickly.

The products in the Clarity Collection include: 

1. Clarity Cleanser 


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Hydrates the skin while having a gentle, effective cleansing action, which minimizes breakouts.

Shop it here for $18.00

2. Clarity Tonic 


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Boosts skin's clarity and minimizes the appearance of pores by combining powerful AHAs, antioxidants, and balancing probiotics.

Shop it here for $29.00

3. Clarity Concentrate 


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Resulting in a clarifying effect, this water-based serum helps minimize the look of pores. Exfoliates and hydrates for smoother and less breakout-prone skin while balancing the skin tone.

Shop it here for $24.00


4. Clarity Lotion 


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This water-based and oil-free formula gives skin a light hydration boost while reducing the appearance of pores and keeping it matte and gleam-free.

Shop it here for $24.00


5. Clarity Acid Peel 


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Creating a healthy, glowing complexion is possible with this effective yet gentle exfoliator, which helps remove impurities, improves the appearance of the skin and helps balance and hydrate it.

Shop it here for $24.00


6. Zero Zit


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This solution helps reduce redness, swelling, and future breakouts by being lightweight and quick-absorbing.

Shop it here for $24.00

The products in the Clarity Collection are Infused with Glycolic and Lactic Acid, Probiotics, and soothing Aloe that work effectively with Salicylic Acid to clear, soothe, and minimize pores, these products help you to achieve a clear, balanced complexion.

Makeup artist Petra Strand created Pixi 20 years ago. And thanks to its natural, high-quality products, Pixi has a loyal following around the world. Creating beauty products that help you achieve a healthy-looking, natural glow is Petra's passion. 

Pixi products are available at select Target and Ulta stores nationwide as well as online at pixibeauty.com.


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