Pick The Best Online Green Colored Eye Contacts From Green Contacts Shades

Green is an extraordinarily rare eye color.


The grass is usually greener on the other side - or so the saying goes. Green is an extraordinarily rare eye color. There are a lot of brown-eyed babies and many hazel peepers. These are iris' that can’t determine whether they want to be blue, green, gray, or brown, so the colors mix together, changing with what you wear or a certain light. 

But there is a vast majority who strive for the unusual, not only in eye color but the hair, skin, and other features because that’s just what it is to be “human.” People want to be unique so that they can stand out from the crowd. For eyes, people want to enhance their style with green eyes.

Fortunately, in the age of technology, people have the luxury of experimenting with various innovations as colored contacts found online with trusted sites like https://misakicon.com/collections/green-contacts/  to “try on” different shades of eye colors to see what it would feel like to alter their appearance. 

Instead of using makeup in an attempt to give the illusion of a green tint to the eye, the contact lenses come in an array of different greens that you can select from based on your skin tone, hair color, and mere preference. Preparation is key when you've decided it's time to buy. It helps to have a general idea of what you want ahead of time.   

That means putting in time and effort researching not only brands, types of lenses, and colors available to choose from, but requirements for obtaining the pairs like a prescription.

A prescription is not always a requirement but a visit to the optometrist for a fitting is smart.

Steps To Take Before Buying Your Green-Colored Contacts

Before signing on to buy a pair of green-colored lenses, it’s crucial to put in some time researching what the requirements are to make the purchase. If you’re a resident of the United States, you have to see an optometrist before you can make that purchase to get a legitimate prescription. Some countries might have more lenient rules but seeing a doctor to be measured is an intelligent move.

It’s wise to view testimonials and reviews for a few brands or even get a recommendation from the optometrist for a trusted online site to buy from to get the best quality products. 

Before you go on the site to purchase the lenses, speak with friends, family, even your cosmetologist to get advice on the shade of green that might best suit your coloring. It’s tough for people to make that assessment for themselves impartially. Allowing other people to help is always beneficial. 

Steps you should take in your process:

** Visit The Eye Doctor

An eye exam is a critical first step and is genuinely a requirement in some countries. You want the pieces to fit correctly. If these are too loose, there's a risk of falling out when bending over or moving around, and with colored lenses that can look off-putting. 

If these are too tight, it can harm your eye. The optometrist will measure to ensure a proper fit. There will be an exam as well to assess for vision. The doctor will give you a prescription because you’ll need to see at optimum efficiency while the lenses are in place.

The doctor is the ultimate resource to help you learn how to place the contacts in your eyes in the right way to prevent damage. When you order from an online establishment, there're no hands-on tutorials on how to put them in. The medical provider is available if you have any problems or if anything is to go wrong.

** Simulation Before You Buy

Some of the online suppliers will allow you to play around with different shades before you commit to one. If you don’t have anyone near you that can help you decide, this would be beneficial. 

Skin tone, your current eyes, and your hair color will play a part in determining the best green shade. You will see the colors go from the cooler end of the spectrum up to the warmest shades. 

For people who have undertones of blue/red in the skin or hair, you would go towards the warmer/earthy shades of green. But if you already have dark eyes or slightly deeper features, you’ll want your eyes to pop in contrast with a lighter shade of green.

In many optometrist offices, they have samples of all the lenses. If yours allows it, try them on and get opinions. Sometimes the office will even give you a trial set to take home. These usually last for approximately two weeks. Then you can make your online purchase with confidence.

** Shop Wisely

The recommendation is to find a reputable, trusted online company from whom to buy. Unfortunately, optometrist prices for their lenses are not always budget-friendly. Often you can find online savings and coupons if you search, and there are some nice promotions with many online brands. 

For those countries that don’t require a prescription, lenses are incredibly affordable. You have the luxury of buying in any color or every color aside from only green if you'd like. 

But it’s wise to let an optometrist fit you. Even if you don’t need a prescription, eye health is extraordinarily important. You don’t want to damage your vision.

Final Thought

The most important thing with getting these contacts is making sure to take care of your eye health. When you purchase your set, take care of them. Clean the lenses as instructed to prevent bacteria and soak them in the proper solution each night, giving your eyes a "breather" while you sleep.

For those fortunate enough to have green eyes, you never have to worry about changing your eye color - right? Wrong. There are not many people who aren’t interested in a change from the same old, and a new color allows that. And why not? It’s a noninvasive, fun way to be someone else for however long you choose. Everybody should check “the grass on the other side.”