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Is Your Puppy Catwalk Ready? Pawkier Is Here To Help

Don’t Cha Wish Ya Puppy Was Street Like Mine


New designer on the block Pawkier has just released their latest collection of urban chic streetwear, but it ain’t for you, it’s for your four legged best friend! Yup, now your pouch can look just as rad as you, in a denim jacket, a fleecy hoodie there’s even a bit of tartan in there!

Drawing inspiration from their favorite streetwear brands, Pawkier combines the look from Yeezy, Vlone and Anti Social Social Club amongst others, to create the hottest look for Fido this season! Imagine the two of you, best buds taking a walk around your neighborhood looking just as fly as each other. Check out the best looks from the collection here!

Adult Hoodie Now Available.

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Pawkier. (@pawkier_) am


Ein Beitrag geteilt von Pawkier. (@pawkier_) am

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