Panic At Madison Beer Concert

A gun scare at her festival performance struck fear in the audience.


Panic struck during Madison Beer’s recent performance at the Napa Valley BottleRock Festival. From within the crowds came a serious threat, as a male dressed in a green coat appeared to be holding a gun. Madison Beer rushed to the side of the stage when panicked screams broke from the audience.

Thankfully, nobody was harmed during Madison’s performance. The suspected male was removed from the audience and fortunately, it was found that he did not possess any weapons. After previous tragedies that have taken place during popular concerts, this occurrence caused genuine alarm.

Madison’s mother shared a heartfelt post to her Instagram page, after the scare from the Napa Valley concert. She shared images of Madison’s performance with a caption that read: “As a parent, all you want to do is protect your children. (It) is so disturbing to me that the world we’re living in has made us has feel the need to have to always be aware of our surroundings. Looking over your shoulder in public places such as a concert where you’d like to feel free & distress from life’s worries seems so sad to me... but this is the world we live in, unfortunately. I wish there was a bubble I can put around my kids to shield them. Last night’s scare truly was disturbing & unsettling. My thoughts pray & love to anyone that was in the crowd.”

If there is a positive that can be taken from this potentially dangerous situation, it is that the safety of the audience came as a priority.


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