Overnight Essentials For Your Handbag

Prevent any unwarranted embarrassment.


If you are planning a wild night out, city break, or even a night over at your partner’s house then you should be well prepared. Your handbag should be stocked with all the overnight essentials that you might need to prevent any unwarranted embarrassment. Here are some essentials you should consider packing for an overnight trip. 


Waking up to discover last night's makeup smeared across the pillow is never a fab look. The new face cleanser from Dose of Colors is a hydrating gel that removes makeup, dirt, and other skin impurities making sure you wake up feeling fresh and ready to tackle the day ahead. A compact cleanser that helps to rejuvenate and replenish your skin is an essential item that you shouldn’t leave home without. 

Charger and Battery Pack

According to Tomsguide, the average battery life for a smartphone is around ten hours. If you are planning to use your phone to pay for food or drinks, take selfies or order an Uber, then you should always carry a battery pack or a charger. A charger means you can use your phone without fear of running out of juice. This is especially vital if you are not planning to return to your home straight away the next day. A dead phone is not much use if you are stuck in the office with no means of charging it up again. 

A Good Read

If you are an early riser then you might spend hours waiting for your friends or partner to wake up so you can get some breakfast and start your day. A bit of entertainment is useful to pass the hours while you wait. Try and find books that excite or intrigue you and come in an e-book or audio format. That way you won't need to carry around a heavy hardback that will take up space and weigh you down on a night out. 



If you regularly take medication then make sure you carry enough supply to get you through a day or two. It is easy for unexpected events to crop up that prevent you from getting home. Derailed trains, traffic jams, and even freak weather events can set you back, and you do not want to have to battle through that just because you didn't pack an extra couple of tablets in your bag. 

Mints or Gum

If you haven’t packed your toothbrush or toothpaste then you must have something that can keep your breath fresh. The last thing you want is to be tasting last night's cocktails during an important meeting at work. Mints or packets of gum are small enough to squeeze into any bags and will make you feel more confident tackling the day in front of you without fear of bad breath. 

Finally, remember that you should pick a change of clothes that is easy to put on. If you sleep in and need to get changed quickly, you don’t want fiddly buttons or a lot of layers. Pick items that won’t look too bad if they get a little creased as well. You don’t want to look a mess if your dress gets a little crumpled at the bottom of the bag.