Original Hot Girl Megan Thee Stallion Drops New Single And Music Video "Thot Shit"

Featuring a powerful clap back at haters.


After taunting fans on Instagram with a countdown for new single - “Thot Shit”- it has finally dropped and os powerful as ever. The catchy new track is followed by a music video directed by Aube Perrie and is produced by Boris Labourguinie. The gassed-up anthem is also a warning to online troll.

Meg’s music video starts in an office of a senator, who sits at his desk, pulls up the rappers “Body” music video to write this misogynistic comment, “stupid, regressive whore should have their mouths was he out with holy water.” The scene is a reference to senate hopeful James P. Bradley, who succinctly tweeted: “#WAP (which I heard accidentally) made me want to pour holy water in my ears and I feel sorry for future girls if this is their role model!” Then, the senate leans back in his chair to appreciate his comment so speak….

Being the all-powerful woman Megan is, she gets her own back in “Thot Shit”. In the visual, the senators ‘fun’ is interrupted with a phone call, in which she says: “The women that you’re accidentally trying to step on are everybody that you depend on. They treat your diseases, they drive your ambulances, they guard you while your sleep- they control every part of your life. Do not fuck with them.”

The influential visual shows that all women no matter who they are, shouldn’t be ashamed to embrace their bodies without caring about anyones opinion. Towards the end of the video, THEE hot girl flips a middle finger to anyone who judges a girl for having fun. 

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