Woman Tormented By Spontaneous Orgasms After Smoking Weed

The orgasms were so intense that she “couldn't handle” any more.


As any stoner will tell you, weed and sex are a pretty good combo – increased sensitivity and intimacy can lead to some pretty intense orgasms. But has the genital spasming ever got so intense that you literally couldn't bare it anymore? Unfortunately enough for one medical-record-breaking Netherlands woman, this was exactly the case.

The woman, known as Mrs A, has become the first reported medical case of developing spontaneous orgasms after smoking cannabis, a study has found. According to the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy, the 40-year-old woman engaged in five hours of “hard pounding sexual activity” after smoking weed, followed by FIVE WEEKS of spontaneous orgasms – hmm, not gonna lie, we want some of what she's having.

According to Mrs A's doctor Marcel Waldinger the orgasms were so intense that she developed anxiety because they were disturbing her sleep and causing her worry throughout the day – okay, we totally take that last comment back. Since the orgasms were completely unstimulated, Mrs A believed that they were a direct result of smoking weed.

Waldinger told the International Business Times UK: “She said she continued to use cannabis alone and without having sex. Even after several weeks, only a small amount of cannabis induced spontaneous orgasm. When she took higher doses, she got spontaneous orgasms that she “couldn't handle” any more.” Her doctors ruled out Restless Genital Syndrome as the cause, as Mrs A didn't display any of the other related symptoms, believing that the initial combination of cannabis and a long duration of sexual activity may have lead to a nerve becoming overactive.

Waldinger would definitely like to probe into the issue more, though: “We need to know whether there are more incidents like this. So I'm interested in patients who will contact me if they've had the same sort of experiences. That is important, to find out whether this is a very rare phenomenon or whether it occurs more often.”

Preview image via @cannabisfeminist