Organic Hairspa Is The New Hair Line For Healthy Fabulousness!

"It's like a condom for your hair"


You have chosen a lifestyle and we have created the products to complement that lifestyle.” So goes the slogan of new Danish organic hair care line Organic Hairspa. 

You shan’t spend many hours in Scandinavia before you notice that the worldwide health obsession has moved from the gym into the skin. An unstoppable tide of organic products is sweeping over our former filthy, allergenic hair styling and beauty products and flooding the popular market with healthy new choices.

Well I, Sofie, am Danish and I confirm this message. Ever since I entered puberty, I have been suckling on the big capitalist beauty-nipple, being sold products which promise to enhance my outer grace. But oh, the rashes, the dry skin, and the bad aftertaste of knowing that all of the parabens in these beauty products might settle in my body, give me cancer and ultimately be my death.



Et opslag delt af Organic Hairspa (@organichairspa) den

But fear no more, beauty babes! Now you can style your hair with professional products made from certified organic ingredients that will ensure great condition on a daily basis – and all without dying!

I for one, really needed some hair care to fix the home-bleached platinum-blonde page I call my hair, so I sacrificed my lifelong relationship with L’Oréal to test if the politically correct, organic choice was also the right choice for my mop. Read on for my verdict on the Organic Hairspa range.


Organic Hairspa Blonde Shampoo 

If you are a platinum blonde you’ll know that the platinum doesn’t come easy if it’s homemade. You look like an Easter chicken until you add a lil’ blue. You apply this product in damp hair, massage it in until it has an even coverage of the hair and rinse thoroughly.

I rate this blonde shampoo 3/5. It isn’t the strongest silver effect I’ve had in my platinum time. It never really left my hair with the preferred white shine. However, it's a shampoo that can be used individually whereas other silver shampoos often have to be combined with a regular shampoo for foaming effect. My hair is extremely thick and full, so to make sure a shampoo is evenly distributed I need it to lather a little. Silver shampoo really manipulates the hair so the assurance of organic ingredients is appealing to me nevertheless. It left my hair soft and moist after rinsing – a huge plus. 



Et opslag delt af Organic Hairspa (@organichairspa) den

Organic Hairspa Blonde Conditioner

As a platinum blonde, you really can’t have too many products to bring out that platinum shine! Apply this product in damp hair, leave it in for one to three minutes and rinse thoroughly. 

I rate this blonde conditioner 4/5. Unlike with the blonde shampoo, I have never tried a silver conditioner before. I enjoyed this product more than the blonde shampoo as it had a slightly stronger and more visible effect from use to use. Even though I used the conditioner at longer intervals, the platinum shine would show immediately after use and it left my hair feeling healthy and strong. Me likey!


Organic Hairspa Fiber Mousse

Another product for blondes! This fiber mousse isn’t just a regular mousse, but a SILVER mousse! The product has the violet pigment in it that adds extra blonde shine and effect to your hair. Organic Hairspa recommends applying this product on damp hair, but I’ve used it regularly on dry hair and it works just fine for me. Remember to shake up the bottle real good to mix the pigment and mousse for maximum effect!

I rate this product 5/5. But CAUTION: Use this product with care as the silver effect is really strong. Even though mousses can be a rather difficult and unusual styling asset to manage, the hold and shaping ability it provides is the best I’ve ever experienced with a mousse. I just LOVE the fact that it adds a little xtra drama to your platinum – and I like being xtra and I live for the drama. A big round of applause for this almost custom-Sofie-made product. 


Et opslag delt af Organic Hairspa (@organichairspa) den

Organic Hairspa Magic Primer Leave-In Conditioner 

Another product to take care of those dirty worn out party split ends of yours! This product provides nourishing protection from heat and UV light and leaves your hair easy and safe to style. Apply it by spraying into freshly washed hair that’s been toweled dry. Evenly distribute through your lengths and leave it in!

I rate this product 5/5. I love this product because it has everything I want and need in a styling conditioner. You can blow dry, iron and fuck your hair up as crazy as you want without worrying about damaging it. It like a condom for the hair! It leaves your hair feeling healthy, safe and strong no matter how mercilessly you treat it. It’s easy to manage and gives optimal effect. Bravo! 


Organic Hairspa Nourishing Hair Mask 

The best hair mask I’ve ever used in my life. I’ve been so happy with it that people haven’t been able to sleep over at mine without being forced to try it, and they’ve been as blown away as I. It contains ingredients such as argan oil and suits all hair types. Apply this product in freshly washed hair and leave it in for three to ten minutes to achieve the desired effect before rinsing thoroughly. 

I know I have already rated two products 5/5 but this is my fave! Therefore my rating of this product has to be 6/5! The Organic Hairspa Nourishing Hair Mask, ladies and gentlemen: THIS is a hair product for WINNERS. Using this mask makes your hair even smoother, silkier and softer than your skin when you came out of ya mamas vagina. I think this hair mask could solve the conflict between North and South Korea only because it makes you feel so light and divine. Running your fingers through your hair when rinsing it out is like taking a deep breath when you’re high. Only, you’re not high; it’s just a fucking great hair mask. 



Et opslag delt af Organic Hairspa (@organichairspa) den


Organic Hairspa doesn’t only give you with a good gut feeling and the satisfaction of using an organic product, but it also provides healthier-feeling hair. I can vouch for all the products if you are a beauty babe with sensitive skin, if you want to look and feel amazing, if you want to care for your health – or all of those things at once!

Organic Hairspa so far only retails at hairdressers in Scandinavia but it is a hair product to pursue. The products can though be ordered through this Danish website

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