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5 Online Workouts You Should Definitely Check Out

No excuse not to work out now!


We all live pretty busy lives that making time for the gym - that might not really be down the road - can be super hard. So we skip out on a well needed session. 

And for those, I-don’t-have-time-to-leave-the-house days, well, isn’t it nice to know that you don’t have to completely miss out to get a little sweat on. The internet to the rescue! 

Here are five great workouts you can find on the interwebs and practise in those spare minutes you have in the comforts of your own home. 

1. Oneoeight

Let’s start with something a little on the zen side: Yoga. The Insta-famous Rachel Brathen - @yoga_girl on Instagram - shares some of her favourite yoga flows on her page as a little taste-tester for Oneoeight. 

What can you expect:

There are plenty of classes to choose from. From easy to hard. From newbie to pro. From chill to an intense workout. There’s something for everyone. 

You can also choose from joining in a group class or if you prefer one-on-one sessions those are available too. As for the workout: well, you can even individualise that by choosing what body-part you’d like to focus on, what teacher you’d like to have, the style of yoga and how long you want the class to be. 

Also - it doesn’t hurt that all these sessions are held in beautiful calming locations such as Brathen’s Island Yoga studio or on a tropical veranda making you feel much more zen just looking 
at it. 

To all newcomer’s, you can have a free 10 day trial run to check it out. After that it’s $14 a month.



2. modelFIT

For all those that aspire to have that toned model body (emphasis on toned) - this workout is perfect for you. It’s also perfect for those you who don’t have the biggest area of space in your home, as this workout only needs an area about a yoga mate size. Sold! 

What can you expect: 

You can flick through different prerecorded sessions based on body-part, type of workout and duration. Once that’s settled, you can then either go through every video and do the whole shebang of warm-up to cool down or you can customize your workouts. Up to you. 
Target for this program is to really aim for your smaller muscle groups to real achieve that overall toned look. 

You can try modelFIT for a week (seven days) completely for free. Once these days are up you’ll have to choose your preferred subscription type - $19.99 per month or $219.89 per year.



3. AKT On Demand

Aren’t the best workout those that don’t really feel like one. Such as when dancing? Cos who doesn’t get motivated when listening to some sweet, powerhouse music that really makes you get up and get going. Yeah boi! 

And that’s what dance workout goddess, Anna Kaiser must have thought when creating her workout program, AKT On Demand. 

What to expect:

Either a sweat-inducing, body sculpting, but fun as hell group dance party led by one of Kaiser’s trainers and filmed in one of Kaiser’s two NYC studios. Or if you’d like to skip this group thing and prefer some alone time, then you can choose from a wide selection of workout videos in which Kaiser herself shows you what to do. 

As an added bonus, as a new subscriber, you can get yourself a complimentary 15-minute online consultation with a trainer so that you really get a personalised workout plan just for you and your needs. 

Seven days won’t cost you a penny however, should you want to continue it’s $34.99 per month. 




Always been longing to join a Body by Simone (by hardcore Revenge Body trainer Simone De La Rue) class but don’t actually live in NYC or California. Despair no more! On BBS TV, these classes are coming to your home. 

What to expect:

A lot of the videos do actually have De La Rue showing guiding you and ultimately the workouts on BBS are can be very dance heavy. Yet, the program also has the option of working with equipment - you’re even given a checklist. From a mini trampoline, yoga mat, resistant band, jump rope etc. you really get to use a variety of stuff to help whip your body into shape. 

You can sneak a peek at a few BBS TV workouts via their trailers and should you decided it’s your type of workout, then you can subscribe for $14.99 a month. 


5. FLY Anywhere

The wheels on your bike might be stationary but you sure won’t be. If you’re a spinning enthusiast (or want to be) this one’s for you. 

FLY Anywhere is basically the real deal without you have to actually mingle with other people if you don’t want to. 

What to expect: 

Once signed up and logged in, you can join in one of the 30-per-week FLY Live classes from New York City or simply search through the immense library of recorded classes (these can be filtered down by duration and type of workout you want). 

So you do need a bike first, but if you have one well, then it’ll only cost you $39.99/month for an unlimited class access.