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Nike Releases Neon “B2- Fera” React Element 55 By Bolivian Designer

Nike Releases Neon “B2- Fera” React Element 55 By Bolivian Designer

The cool design will be available later this month.


Nike and its WeAreCultivator program collaborated with Bolivian fashion designer Fera Schmidt of ICETEES to create a limited edition React Element 55 model. The new silhouette’s name is inspired by the B2 Immigration Visa, which first brought Fera to New York City six years ago. 

Schmidt added a personal touch to her sneaker’s design. The neon element pays homage to her hometown Santa Cruz de La Sierra and its greenery. The green signifies the tropical Amazonian lowlands, that meet the cherished Andes mountains. The sneaker also has orange tones which represent the bright lights of Schmidt’s NYC home. The plastic lace guard epitomizes the rich textures of Manhattan and Bolivia. To finish off the iconic design, “B2” is written at the top of the tongue. 


Et opslag delt af Fernanda A Schmidt (@feraschmidt) den

In an official statement, Schmidt emphasizes on the design of her limited-edition sneaker: 

“The grind of this city fuels my creativity; its iconic industrial style, saturated with bright signage, yellow cabs, and bold fashion is completely different from the naturally colorful landscapes in Bolivia. This contrast between my two homes is a constant source of inspiration and a reminder of where I come from, and where I want to be.”

You can purchase Nike’s “B2-Fera”React Element 55 on August 19th at Nike.

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