Mother Nike

Nike (M): the maternity collection.


Mother’s Day last Sunday brought with it the typical displays of Hallmark appreciation that permeate every capitalist-endorsed holiday. However, the launch of Nike’s new maternity and motherhood collection, Nike (M), seeks to redefine this understanding of motherhood in terms of athletic power. 

Nike (M) is both a 4-piece collection as well as a lifestyle prompt. The campaign ad, under the title “The Toughest Athletes” stars more than 20 professional and amateur mothers, all of whom are curating, and displaying strength in their motherhood. The campaign was shot and directed via Zoom, from over 22 hours of footage, and included entries from the United Kingdom, United States, Singapore, France, Australia, Jamaica and more. Regardless of age, background, or situation, the message from Nike (M) is clear— motherhood is the most grueling sport of all and women are symbols of strength and greatness within the context of motherhood. Nike favorite, Serena Williams, makes an appearance in the campaign, along with other stand-out athletes such as Alex Morgan, Perri Edwards, Bianca Williams, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce and Nia Ali. Nike sees womanhood as a symbol of strength and the physicality of the campaign video displays the emotional and physical strength of women in motherhood. 

The new collection comprises of 4-maternity-specific-pieces. There is the Nike One (M) Tight, the Nike (M) Swoosh Bra, the Nike (M) Tank, and the Nike (M) Pullover. Nike’s website specifies that “Every piece grows with you, adapting as your body changes—so your pre-pregnancy size will see you from first bump to baby and beyond.” The collection is about continuity, support and comfort, without compromising on style or technical specification. As Nike says, the collection is “Designed for mothers, by mothers.”

As well as the campaign and accompanying collection, Nike (M) describes itself as “more than a collection, it's a space to find the support you need to get or stay active during motherhood.” Specific Nike Club App workouts have been curated, with the guidance of London fitness expert Jane Wake, in line with the needs of women during different trimesters of their pregnancies. The apps feature both exercises for the body and those for the mind as the website specifies “Guided Runs tailored to each trimester, tips and articles that cover everything from pelvic-floor health to movement myth-busting, plus interviews and podcasts with pre- and post-partum athletes.” The aim is to both physically support and emotionally maintain women as much as possible through unified demonstrations of women’s strength and athleticism. 

As the caption to the campaign says, “Motherhood looks different for everyone. But no matter what you do or how you do it, you are the toughest athlete.” Hopefully this collection will continue to redefine how motherhood is appreciated on the global socio-political scene. Mothers are not only the toughest athletes, but also the strongest people, in our world. 

The collection is already available across North America, Europe and Africa and will hit select Asian Pacific and Latin American retailers later this year