Nike Helden Campaign: An Inclusive Culture For Athletes

You never do it just for yourself.


When a female boxer like Zeina Nassar fights in a hijab for the first time, she is not just doing it for herself, but for a generation of girls daring to go after their dreams. 

And when mavericks like Leroy Sané are playing it their way, celebrating diversity, they inspire a generation of kids to write their own legend as well.

You never do it just for yourself.

Directed by John Hillcoat, Nike's “Helden” celebrates German athletes working hard on and off the pitch and track and in their communities to push society forward. “Du tust es nie nur für dich” (“You never do it just for yourself.”) is a celebration of sport’s incredible power to unite people and a call to all athletes, inspiring them to go beyond medals and trophies and to become heroes themselves.

Every astounding moment in sport is a chance to lift the boundaries that are heavily ingrained within society from former generations and breakthrough into a new world of possibilities. Nike's "Helden" aims to aid that transition into a more freethinking and open future. 

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