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A Third Instalment For The Nike Air Max 95 “Just Do It” Pack

A Third Instalment For The Nike Air Max 95 “Just Do It” Pack

“Just Do It” - the third persuasion.


Should I, shouldn’t I? Decisions, decisions… Hard to make, hard to - Okay, we’ll stop with these now. But if you’re really in doubt, honestly: Just do it. (™)

That’s also the slogan Nike has truly made its own. So when they released the Nike Air Max 95 “Just Do It” launch, we just had to look at our feet to remember to be brave-r. 

And just when you think you’ve got it, well, Nike would like you never forget. In the third instalment in the ‘Just Do It’ pack, the brand has gone back to black. Well nearly. 

Held mostly in black, the sneakers show off crisp white soles while, just like the previous pairs, sporting plenty of “Just Do It” graphic logos wrapped everywhere, adding pops of orange colour via Nike logo. 

Not quite out yet, you will be able to grab a pair this summer from actual Nike store shelves. 


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