Newage Menswear Fashion Show PAQ Are Rebelling In Streetwear And This Is Their Message

PAQ isn't just a fashion show, it's a rebel with a cause dressed in streetwear.


The content is quality, episodes are filled with creativity and their fashion is humorous. The purpose is simple- informative conversation on streetwear. We think of it somewhat like comfort food for the fashion-hungry.

Gender rules don't apply here. PAQ has successfully managed to leave behind the macho-posturing, and we here at Fizzy Mag are very relieved. We have to give it up to the boys for their indulgent, authentic conversation on streetwear. Diversity is also a big part of this pack, no pun intended. The show has now gained a cult following of over 600,000 followers and influences young men all over the globe to have fun with fashion.

Trying to steer away from commercial instant-gratification, PAQ rebels against the click and collect culture. Putting the spotlight back to the creative side of fashion and emphasizing self-expression PAQ is shifting the dynamic. Presented by four friends, Shaq, Danny, Dex, and Elias, and produced by Kyra TV, the weekly videos uploaded every Thursday feature 'da boys bringing substance back to fashion. In the '90s' inspired skillfully produced 15-minute long videos the boys compete against each other in styling challenges. From dressing friends with time-restrictions to directing fashion-films for advertorial purposes, PAQ has it covered.

More interestingly, the boys' sense of fashion couldn't be any more different. The inspirations are as far apart as they can be, while Danny is an English Rose but the male version, Dex personifies Ozzy Osburne.

They want to show you that you can express yourself in different ways. Each one of these boys has a personality that sets them apart. Although a "pack," they are far from blending in with each other.

Sparking inclusive conversation is a passion for the group. Breaking stereotypes around gender, putting aside the machoism and binning the idea of, 'dressing for your age', PAQ has set the bar high.

They're making themselves heard in the fashion industry and they're demanding new standards. It's clear to see that fashion content has been lacking. With the latest influx in brands changing their tone and becoming more inclusive, shows like PAQ drive the change.

These boys' are letting other boys' know that being unapologetically fashionable is okay. It's here to show you that fashion isn't always about buying the most expensive thing, but it is about expressing yourself.

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