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New Accidentally Wes Anderson Photobook Is An Aesthetic Masterpiece

That features a foreword by the cinematic legend himself


Cinephiles will be familiar with Wes Anderson’s dreamy cinematography. The filmmaker’s style is quirky, considered, and very, very aesthetically pleasing; think pastel-hue color palettes, grandiose architecture, and retro-everything. Anderson’s movies are above all else a work of art, to aspiring filmmakers and us ordinary folk. His influence has traveled beyond cinema check out the abundance of Wes Anderson inspired look books and room makeovers on YouTube to more recently, inspire a photobook by Instagram account Accidentally Wes Anderson.


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The account which has over one million followers announced the book back in June with an Instagram post of the gorgeous cover, and a short description of what’s inside “So many amazing photos and stories about so many amazing people and place,” all, of course, inspired by the cinematography of Wes Anderson.

Yesterday, August 4, we were given the news that Wes Anderson himself has penned a foreword for the photobook, in which he endorses the book as an “, especially alluring travel guide” amongst other things, which read as a huge verbal thumbs-up for the book. Enough for us!

For those interested, the book will be published October 25, AND If you pre-order now, Accidentally Wes Anderson will be giving away a few Wes-signed copies to lucky buyers. Something to get excited about as we wait impatiently for The French Dispatch.

Buy the book here.

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