Netflix To Launch New ‘Shuffle Play’ Feature

We can finally say adios to browsing.


Ever feel like you spend more time finding what to watch than actually watching? Well, Netflix gets it; the ‘shuffle button’ is officially coming to users worldwide. In the year where binge-watching feels like a career choice, Netflix has given us dithering users a crucial tool to find our specialty.

According to Variety, they decided to roll out the shuffle control because of the massively successful subscriber growth over the past year. Co-CEO Hastings joked about the newest addition calling the button ‘I’m feeling lucky’, this follows the launch of the new and popular tab which gives us it's 'worth the wait’ list and even lets us set a reminder for our favorites. 

The feature is set to analyze each personal algorithm and find the perfect content to watch. When we tested the ‘lucky’ button they Pride and Prejudice suggested, coincidently after we binged watched the entire first season of new period drama Bridgerton, and we are not mad about it.

Keep your eyes peeled for the new ‘shuffle button’ on Netflix over the next few months - two words HAPPY BINGING!

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