Why A Naturist Park Is The Answer To Your Sex Life Lows

To bare or not to bare...


Call it nudism or naturism, most people would recoil in horror at the thought of baring all in front of strangers. It’s one thing to relax on the beach topless but quite another to spend full days in the buff with lots of other butt naked people, doing everyday things like shopping, playing tennis and eating in a restaurant. But don’t shy away too quickly. You might surprise yourself with how daring you can be! Visiting a naturist park might also be just the free loving hippie injection your sex life needs too. Don’t worry, nobody is burning any bras here, (you’ll be allowed to put it back on when you leave) but you will find a back to nature vibe that is truly refreshing for any couple. 

The Bare Necessities

Before you arrive, depending on your park of choice, you’ll have many options for accommodation from forest deep treehouses to rustic tents and luxurious lodges. Even if you’re not an outdoorsy person, the more back to nature you feel, the more comfortable being naked you’ll be. What’s more, you don’t really need to pack anything! Obviously no clothes are needed, so just a towel and maybe a bar of soap are all the ingredients you need to experience this unique event. Many resort activities are provided such as sports, a swimming pool or beach, saunas, massages, restaurants and even a grocery store to stock up on marshmallows you can toast by a campfire. 

How Naked Is Naked?

Very. Aside from a discreet necklace, it’s a rule that you have to be in your full birthday suit. If everyone is naked, you’re all in the same clothes-less boat and the point is to make you feel as comfortable as possible with your body. A naturist park is not exclusive to model worthy beach bods and you’ll find people of all ages and sizes enjoying a bit of entertainment in the buff. Yes, there will be many different sizes and shapes of willies and vajayjays everywhere, which can be a major confidence booster for anyone suffering from body issues. While gawking at every naked bod that you pass is frowned upon, it’s hard not to glance down. Quickly you’ll realize that a body is just that, a body and everyone is different. This is not porn and seeing that everyone has imperfections will give you such body confidence it needs to be experienced to describe. 

There is something very liberating about pushing a shopping trolley around a supermarket in the nude. If you can do that, you can do just about anything. While these parks were originally designed to accommodate those of us who really hate clothes and just enjoy spending time naked, (if you come home from work and immediately take your clothes off, you’re probably one of those people!) it’s those that find baring all more intimidating that actually get the most out of the experience. You’ll take away a sense of pride and when a big work issue comes up the following week, you’ll remember that you went shopping naked, so you can do fucking anything! You’ve got this!

So It’s Basically A Big Orgy?

No. The parks do not all of a sudden turn into a big orgy, don’t worry! In fact, it might be one of the least sexual things you’ll experience (aside from what you and partner decide to get up to in the privacy of your own tent!) When everyone is stripped bare, literally, you’ll find your mind is stripped bare too. You’re more open to opportunities and listening to people’s stories. Throw yourself into whatever the event has going on. If a group offers you to join their camp fire, go for it. Channel your inner Bethenny Frankel and come from a place of yes!

Leaving The Park Behind But Keeping It In The Bedroom

So if it’s not a sexual thing and nobody actually initiates a ménage à trois, how can it improve your sex life? It’s very simple and it’s all down to body confidence. Many of us would like to try different things in our relationships but are worried we’ll look stupid. Being held up by your partner and pushed against a wall might look incredibly hot in porn but it’s a different story trying to bring that into your own bedroom. You’re worried your body won’t be in a flattering position, you won’t look as erotic as the blonde in the porno and that can actually stop you from exploring your fantasies. No longer Fizzy gals, once you realize that porn bodies are few and far between, you’ll find yourself with all the confidence you can muster, allowing you to open up more to your partner and explore each others lusts much liberally. 

Perfect for a date night alternative, an anniversary or birthday present, try giving the naked life a go – what have you got to lose!