Must Have Male Sex Toys You Should Try

Whether you’re an advanced sex toy user or a complete beginner.


If you have male genitalia and you’re looking to spice up your sex or masturbation game, you’ve probably at some point or another contemplated introducing some toys into the bedroom. You may even already own some! Whether you’re an advanced sex toy user or a complete beginner, we’ve got you covered with some must-have sex toys to try for the most heightened pleasure and orgasms you can conjure.

Butt Plugs or Beads

Not everyone is comfortable with anal play, and if you’re not, that is completely fine. However, if you are, butt plugs can be quite the delight. After warming up with a ton of lube and working your anus up over time from fingers to toys, a butt plug is the perfect tiny device built to deliver heaps of pleasure. Depending on the material and quality of your plug, you may be able to wear one all day long as you go about your daily chores and routine, for an added pep in your step. They come in all shapes and sizes to suit your taste, and a safe one would include a flared base for safe retrieval and to avoid too-deep slippage. Beads are also a fantastic form of butt plugs that allow you to work your way up gradually, or to experience the delicious sensation of taking the whole thing in and feeling every bead slowly pop out of your most sensitive hole. If you love butt plugs and want to take it to the next level, these must-haves also come in vibe form, for added waves of pleasure.

Pocket Pussy or Masturbator

Pocket pussies are the most well-known male sex toys, and with good reason. They’re traditional, small, and easy to use. The greatest thing about pocket pussies is that they come in so many different styles, so that you can simulate basically any form of sex that you desire. Whether it’s a pocket pussy molded directly from your favorite porn star’s pussy, a mouth with plump lips that feels just like a blow job, or a tight anus that gives you that inner squeeze that only back door action can provide, you’ll never have a shortage of skin tones, sizes and inner textures. Plenty of them also warm up internally to your own body temperature, providing you the most realistic sexual experience without another person present. Whether you’re single, in a long-distance relationship or want to practice edging, a pocket pussy or masturbator is the perfect purchase.

Double-Ended Dildo

Dildos aren’t just for women – dildos work great on male genitalia too, and there are some that are specifically designed to target the P-spot as well. If your partner also has male genitalia, you can even opt for a double-ended dildo, to give you both the fantastic feeling of being penetrated at once. Whether you prefer a certain size, an uncut cock or a circumcised one, or even one that’s molded after your favorite porn star’s cock, the options for dildos are endless. Many of them are also harness compatible, so you can have your partner strap on your dildo of choice for some kinky and fun pegging adventures.

Nipple Clamps

Calling all BDSM lovers or the BDSM-curious: nipple clamps are the perfect way to add some kink to your sexual encounter. The feeling of pressure on your nipples would cause excitement and stimulation to someone who was into it, and would heighten orgasm if your partner unclasps them right as you’re about to ejaculate, while all the blood is rushing back to your nipples. Whether you use them for foreplay or during sex, these sex toys are sure to make you extremely aroused as they clasp onto your sensitive nipples. If you’re a beginner to nipple clamping but want to try them out, look for ones that are coated in rubber and come with adjustable screws at the tips, to be able to adjust the pressure easily.

Sounding Rods

You may have already heard about urinal sounding at your family doctor’s office. However, this is a different kind of sounding – the kind that delivers sexual pleasure. Sounding can be considered a fetish, and it’s not for everyone. It’s a pretty advanced form of BDSM, and needs to be practiced with utmost safety and caution to ensure no internal tearing. The urethra is the tube that drains urine out of the bladder, and the practice of sticking something up there began as a medical procedure to clear obstructions from the urethra. However, since the genitals are dense with nerves, sounding passes through the ultra-sensitive glans, and can even stimulate the prostate if inserted deep enough, providing intense pleasure.

Cock Rings

Cock rings come in various shapes and sizes, and are great male sex toys for those who don’t want any anal penetration involved. They help keep you harder for longer, and can even delay and elongate your orgasm. Some come with an added clitoral or perineum stimulator to stimulate your partner’s erogenous zones while doing its job with your cock, and some even vibrate for added sensations for you and your partner. Cock rings are truly for everyone, and are a must-have in your toy box, if you don’t already own one of these marvelous gadgets.

Prostate Massager

If you have male genitalia, your most prized inner sweet spot is likely the male version of a G-spot, famously called the P-spot, or prostate. When stimulated, it can skyrocket you into one of the most powerful orgasms you’ve ever had, even more powerful than a traditional penal orgasm. That’s why prostate massagers were invented – to give you the tools to be able to obtain these types of orgasms, both alone or with a partner. Prostate massagers are delicately crafted and purposely designed to target that inner spot, and many of them even come with an added perineum massager, to stimulate you externally at the same time for double the pleasure. If you’re comfortable with anal penetration, a prostate massager is a must-have for anyone who wants to experience a stellar, unique type of orgasm.