Musical Madness for Lady Gaga And Joker 2

The artist is set to portray Harley Quinn in the musical sequel.


Whilst the first Joker film was a dark look into the psychotic lens of an unfunny, lonely man, the sequel could be giving us a woman's perspective into the world of 1980’s Gotham as Lady Gaga will play the Harley Quinn to Joaquin Phoenix's Joker.

Titled Folie à Deux, meaning “Madness for Two”, it seems that the character of Arthur Fleck will no longer be alone in his psychopathy. Folie à deux is also a rare psychiatric syndrome when two people share the same psychotic disorder which makes sense for a couple as iconic as Joker and Harley Quinn. It’s also a title coincidentally shared with a 2008 Fall Out Boy album.


Despite being an accomplished actor, Gaga’s addition to the film became somewhat of a shock, as well as the fact that the sequel will also be a musical, perhaps because of the original film’s bleak tone. However it's sense of pageantry and occasion, the Joker's vibrant use of fashion and make up as well as his dances in the film framed it as somewhat of a coping mechanism for the turbulent events of the plot. Joaquin Phoenix moves and speaks both camply and androgynously when donning the Joker makeup. It is also noted that Joaquin Phoenix can “carry a tune”, as displayed by his performance as Johnny Cash in Walk The Line, so a musical would make perfect sense.

Whilst the musical nature of the film suggests a lighter tone, it is worth remembering that the classic tale of Joker and Harley Quinn is a tragic one. As Arthur Fleck is a victim of his circumstances, his illness, parental issues and the lack of support, Harley Quinn is traditionally a victim of Joker’s manipulation, as their relationship is an abusive one to be truthful, which is often romanticised.

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