Mugwort Is The Latest K-Beauty Ingredient You Need To Try

This powerful ingredient packs serious benefits.


Centella asiatica isn't the only leafy green sprouting up in dozens of Korean skincare products lately. Mugwort is taking over ingredient lists, too. It was the most favored ingredient to be used in 2019, and it is still very popular with so many new brands popping up with a new line of mugwort products. 

In Korea, mugwort is regarded as a healing herb for its antibacterial, anti-fungal, and skin-protective properties. These days, Korean cuisine, traditional Korean medicine, and Korean homeopathic remedies often incorporate mugwort. Women, in particular, swear by sipping it in tea form to help regulate their menstrual cycles and ease period cramps.

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Thanks to its soothing, anti-inflammatory properties, mugwort targets dry, irritated skin effectively. The herb also has smoothing, protective powers fit for mature skin, too. Clinical trials to test mugwort on acne are yet to be conducted. However, it's proven to help decrease inflammation and kill bacteria. That powerful combination has the potential to treat breakouts, specifically red bumps and cysts.

Whether your skin is dry and irritated, needs a brightening boost, or help healing breakouts and redness, mugwort might be the magical ingredient to solving your skin woes. Luckily, many different forms are currently available including cleansing oils, sheet masks and moisturizers.

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