Most Memorable Beauty Looks From Past Met Galas

People seem to think the Met is all about fashion. Well, here we are to tell you it's about more than that!


Yes, the Met gala is mostly about fashion. This year's theme, In America: A Lexicon of Fashion, focused on American designers and 'American fashion', yet no outfit is complete without the glam. And since the 2021 Met gala is all people are talking about these days, here are some of our favorite beauty looks from past years.

Lily Collins, 2019


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It's no wonder that the 2019 theme, Camp: Notes on Fashion, brought some of the most iconic looks of this decade. Her Priscilla Presley-inspired look fit the theme perfectlyfrom the vividly-colored eyeshadow, to the over the top hair crowned by a big headband and hair pins, she turned straight into a 50’s icon and we couldn’t love it more!

Rihanna, 2017

Not including Rihanna on this list would be an offence to beauty and to the queen of the Met Gala herself. Year after year, Riri never disappoints when it comes to giving us the best, most extravagant looks of the event. In 2017, we were all stunned by her monochrome pink make-up, with lots and lots of blush and a sleek bun, which made her once again the winner of the Met.

Kim Kardashian, 2019


Yes, we return to the 2019 gala once again, this time with the gorgeous Kim Kardashian. Hate her or love her, this look of hers has sure gotten a lot of people talking. Her make-up though, simple and effective, is impossible to dislike. Her skin looked perfect, glistening in the lights, and her wet hair fit perfectly, making a statement without overpowering the rest of the look.

Princess Diana, 1996


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The Queen of Hearts stole the show in 1996 when she appeared on the red carpet with a sultry look. Her dark red lipstick was the star, while her skin was left looking natural and her hair was styled in her classic blow-out. This look showed the beauty in simplicity, making it achievable for everyone. In 1996, Priness Di’ showed the world that elegance is timeless and it fits any theme!

Sza, 2018


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We end the list with SZA’s heavenly look during one of the most appreciated galas of the past years. Her dark eye make-up contrasted beautifully with the gold details on her fake tears as well as her immense halo-like head piece. With her hair curled and her skin glowing, she was one of the most delicate, yet powerful appearances of the night.

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