Photo: Juliane Falk for Fizzy Mag

Why I'm In a Bad Mood After Going To A Club To Have Fun

Thank you, boys!


It happens all the time – I go to a club with my friends, but at the end, I'm in a bad mood instead of having fun. Thank you, boys!

I really enjoy meeting people, listening to new stories and getting to know different ways of experiencing life, but the problem is— I hate small-talk. I really can't handle this ‘What's your name? How are you? What are you doing?’-thing. It annoys me. Over the last couple of years, I realized that most boys in clubs aren't boys I want to know. They're arrogant and brazen, but I'm sure that in real life, they're just as insecure as all the other ones who are too shy to speak to a female being. I hope so. But somehow while partying, these guys become a confident and fearless version of themselves.

Even worse are those boys who don’t talk at all. The ones who come closer slowly (or unexpectedly fast) while you're dancing and are suddenly standing right behind you. Right behind you. It's a terrible idea to try that without even having eye contact or something before. I'm curious. And more importantly, I'm shy. I first want to see their faces and speak to them before feeling their bodies against mine. Is that too much to ask for? Probably that's the reason for my bad mood. It depresses me that some guys think they can just grab what they want. Call me old-fashioned, but I like guys who tell you more interesting things than their name, age and what they're doing. 

I'm sure I will never meet someone I really like while partying in a club. But people are different – so keep dancing. Or escaping, if you prefer that.