Monki Is The First In The World To Use Green Machine Technology

Take a look at their innovative green machine capsule collection.


It’s common for most clothing to consist of cotton and polyester blends with no commercial methods of making them completely recyclable. Until now. Acting as a catalyst for sustainable change, Monki has invented a brand new phenomenon. Recognised for its trend-conscious collections, inclusive values, and initiatives around sustainability - Monki has successfully established ‘green machine’ technology. This invention allows “cotton and polyester blends to be completely separated from one another and recycled in large quantities” making Monki the first brand in the world to use this tech and offer it to customers. 

So how exactly does this pretty astonishing process work?


  1. First, a blend of polyester and cotton is placed in the Green Machine.
  2. The fibres are simply produced through the use of heat, water and less than 5% greener, biodegradable chemicals and further separated from each other.
  3. A large oven dries the separated fibres.
  4. The result: separated fibres for the production of a new item of clothing can be used - the cotton will be extracted in powder form and can be used in many ways to be reused.
  5. From working with a closed-circuit: Both the water, the warmth and the green, biological degradable chemicals can be used over and over again -this means that there is no secondary pollution.

The capsule collection composed with the ‘Green Machine’ technology includes; a grey tracksuit set, only available online, a hooded sweater and training pants with the embroidered message "respect your mother (nature)". The collection is designed for smaller quantities, but the brand pursues the goal of this production process to be launched on a larger scale by autumn 2021.

Fundamental for fashion and it’s consequences on the planet, the green machine has revolutionised the way textiles are recycled. Also, Monki is continually committed to the greater good for our planet where customers are able to shop from a wide range of denim made from 100% certified organic cotton, a popular swimwear line made from recycled polyester and polyamide and vegan leather accessories.

Part of their overriding goal is, only using recycled or other materials made from sustainable sources by 2030, not only that, sustainable initiatives such as clothing and textile recycling in stores, and renewable energy in all shops and offices with an in-keeping target to become climate-friendly throughout the value chain. The capsule collection will be available online from the end of November.

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