Fizzy Mag Chats to New Kid On The Block Singer/Song Writer Moli

Getting Comfortable in Berlin.


Fresh off the release of her hit new single Comfortable, story telling singer-song writer Moli gives Fizzy Mag an exclusive. At 19 years of age, Moli takes the tough parts of a relationship and packages them into a carefree dance tune any of us in the dating game can relate to. Whether a veteran at breaking hearts (or having your heart broken) or fresh on the scene, Moli's Comfortable will have you dancing or crying or both!

Hey Moli! Thank you for chatting with us!!!

What is it like living in Berlin as a singer-songwriter?

Moli: I am really enjoying it. I am meeting a lot of people with the same passion and goal in life as me which I didn’t use to have in my homeland Belgium. It is a very free and creative city. I have definitely grown as an artist while being here. 

And being 19? How are you going navigating your way through Berlin? 

Moli: It was scary when I first got here as it was all very new to me. There are quite a few weirdos walking around and the weekends are pretty intense as people party throughout. Being from a smaller town, I was not use to being around all of this but after a while, I really got used to it and I enjoy the freedom of the city. I feel very independent. The public transport is really easy to use so it’s never a problem to get from A to B.

What would you say to someone wanting to be a singer-songwriter?

Moli: That it’s a journey that takes a lot of patience. You can learn so much from other songwriters & producers, it’s important to listen to their opinions and discover how they function. 

Tell us about your music. Who is Moli? 

Moli: Well, I have 2 different sides as a songwriter. I have the pop side of me that tries to write perfect pop which involves being very mathematical and thinking about every word. The other side is just me spilling out my thoughts without thinking about it too much. 
When I am writing for myself as an artist, I am mostly not thinking about it too much, it’s more of a jam. The EP was a very natural process. I am being honest with my lyrics which are mostly not covered up in metaphors. I tell a pretty clear story inspired by my experience and the people around me. So I feel that listening to my music is also a way of getting to know who I am. Of course, I have my pop roots in there that still structure the song but in a less overthought way.

Comfortable has just launched! How are you feeling? 

Moli: I am super excited. This song was a revelation for me. It was the starting point of the EP. I was having a lot of doubts about my own sound and who I was as an artist at the time but as soon as we wrote "Comfortable" with my producer Manu Bender, I was certain that this was it.

Where do you get your inspiration from for your music?

Moli: I listen to a lot of music. I love NAO, Jorja Smith, Elley duhe, Tom Misch, Kaytranada, the internet,..
These artists all really inspire me with their melodies and productions. 
Story-wise I get inspired by my personal experiences and what my friends go through. 

Whats next for Moli?

Moli: I am really looking forward to playing live. The dream is to be able to travel around playing my music. 
I am also in the process of writing a second EP which I am really excited about.

You are very well travelled! How was Sri Lanka? 

Moli: It was amazing, one of my best experiences so far! It’s such a different culture and way of thinking. I learnt so much from the locals and the orphanage in which I volunteered.

What is your guilty pleasure? 

Moli: Eating Reese's pieces in bed in front of a Netflix series.

If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be and why? 

Moli: Tom Misch. I love his music and productions. Especially his storytelling, it feels so honest. 

What sneaker would you be? 

Moli: I think I would be a pair of black or white converse. I have literally been wearing them for about 7 years now. I feel like they are the shoes that will fit nearly any outfit and I think I am quite an easy person to have around and that I get along with most people. 

Thank you for chatting with us Moli!

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