Warsaw: MISBHV In This Reebok Collab

Get naughty Polish Style.


MISBHV just told us to screw every other capital city and go to Warsaw, with their emotionally charged first techno fashion “Polish Jazz” SS19 launch. Not only does the luxury brand deserve a standing ovation for their clothes, but also the theatrics of the show. Maczek and Wirski launched their collection at Warsaw’s Palace of Culture and Science, re-educating the world: THIS IS POLAND! 

“Polish Jazz” is MISBHV’s love letter to Poland’s history. The clothes showcased yellow neon, Polish art post-soviet times, pre-soviet folk elements, and Polish graphic designer  Roslaw Szaybo prints adorning pieces of the collection. Despite Poland being stereotyped as very traditional, Poland’s fashion is speaking volumes that the generation now are ready to bend and push those traditions in magnificent ways.

Now what about those Sneakers?!?

Looks like designers are big on all things Old Skool NBA. In the latest Luxury Brand x Sneaker Giant collab, MISBHV X Reebok collab is giving us major Iverson 4 vibes. Looks like Reebok is going back to it's roots, with the collab sneaker featuring a white mesh zipper wrap adorned on a slimmer Iverson 4 frame in a white metallic hue.

Said to be like the Air Jordan 28's zip system, if you know the Iverson's you know that this is taken from the design exactly and translated from an on court Basketball Sneaker to Luxury slimmer street wear style. What's also a little futuristic about this design is the wrap around lacing system, no more stepping on your laces! 

You heard it here first at FIZZY MAG: WARSAW is going to be making Tsunami style waves on the streetwear scene with MISBHV proudly leading the way.

Photos via: wave


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