Minor Formula And The Return Of The Unsullied Sessions

The Midlands based performance series returns on the 11th of September.


The Midlands is a melting pot for great undiscovered music and artists and within this epicentre of untapped talent in Birmingham, independent clothing store Minor Formula is doing their part to shine a light on them with their Unsullied Sessions, a series of live performances from local up and coming talent recorded inside their store, which gives the sessions an extra in-house and independent flavour that can't help but be refreshing. 

Uploaded via their YouTube channel, the Unsullied Sessions have proven to be a major hit for Minor Formula and has amassed over 200,000 views showcasing artists such as Czafari, Mugun, Dakota Sixx and many more. 

Maxim, of Minor Formula, states that “Our Unsullied Sessions are a way for us to use our resources to support talented musicians and make a real difference within the Midlands music scene.”

The return of the Unsullied Sessions comes on the 11th of September and will feature performances from RTKAL, General Kaution, Indigo Marshall, Marie, Zheng, Dubbi, and Richie Culture in what will be a show of the Midlands’ dancehall, indie, jazz, soul, hip hop, R&B and reggae talents.


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