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Miley Cyrus’ New Merchandise Includes A $20 Condom

It looks like she won’t be the only one who’s coming.


Just when you thought she could do no more to surprise us since she licked that sledgehammer back in 2013, Miley Cyrus has gone and done it again by releasing her own condoms. Yes, you read that right, the former Disney star is releasing a branded condom to celebrate the release of her latest EP, “She Is Coming”. 

The six-track EP dropped at midnight on Friday, but the new ear candy was far from all that she treated us to. Along with the selection of pop bops came a plethora of Miley merch available to buy from the twerking star’s official website. Including, yep, condoms. 

Miley’s new “She Is Coming” condoms are being sold individually for $20, but you can pick that jaw up off the floor because they do come with a digital download of the new tracks. 

So thanks to Miley and her safe sex accessories, it looks like she won’t be the only who is coming… 


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