Watch M.I.A. Slam Trump in P.O.W.A

M.I.A. just debuted her new music video, and it's getting a lot of attention.


After sharing teasers for a new video on Instagram last week, M.I.A. has released her self-directed video for “P.O.W.A.” The video features visually stunning pops of color and meticulous choreography, but the song’s saucy lyrics and politically charged messages are what have been generating the most buzz. 

The singer has pushed against pop music’s status quo since her start, and M.I.A. continues to separate herself from the pop scene singing, “I’m not Rihanna/ I’m not Madonna/ I’m not Mariah/ Or Ariana.” 

“P.O.W.A” also takes aim at Donald Trump. “Throw up my middle finger and I’m taking on the [Trump] Tower. Super-kala fascist racist espi-ala-tazors,” declares the singer.   

Fans speculate the video’s political assertion also extends to its imagery. “P.OW.A” features a wave of men moving in front of a red wall, which may be in reference to Donald Trump’s plans to build a wall along the Mexican border. Throughout the rest of the video, M.I.A. plays with contrast by draping or laying in colorful fabrics and flowers against a neutral, rocky desert environment. 

M.I.A. has not revealed if the song is the launch of a new album, but we’re sure this isn’t the last time we’ll hear from this bold artist.