A Love Letter To The MELT Festival 2018

A Love Letter To The MELT Festival 2018

Let us take you back to a killer weekend.


Glitter to conceal those bags under your eyes, sneakers covered in layers and layers of dust and a sea of opened and half-eaten ravioli cans everywhere you look — that’s when you know you’ve arrived in the wilderness that we call a festival! 

This year our Fizzy Staff was lucky enough to explore Ferropolis, City of Iron and home to the MELT Festival. For four days we camped out in the middle of nowhere with stunning people from all over the world and celebrated our favorite artists on stage together. Long nights and hot AF days had us feeling happy but also tired and drained. Luckily, our calls for help were heard and we were saved by Almdudler. Combined with mate and guarana it got us motivated again to run from one stage to another, so we wouldn’t miss IAMDDB or Tyler, The Creator.

The female forces were especially strong this year. Syd stole our hearts with The Internet’s chill performance, Kali Uchis gave us her fairy-out-of-a-dream realness and New-York-based babe Princess Nokia was EVERYTHING, while performing most of her show in the crowd, aw! 

Rushing from stage to stage, we always felt like missing out and not wanting to be anywhere else at the same time. You ever wanted to see your favourite artist perform on a beach or in a forest? MELT got you covered. Always wondered what it would be like to see an entire Drag-family in a tree-house? Never been surrounded by containers while listening to Superdry Sounds collection of young musicians from all over the world? — We’ve seen it all and more and let us tell you, we had a blast!

We can’t believe it’s over already! All that’s left is to sip the last drops of Almdudler, clean our sneakers and turn the music on full volume. Follow us on Instagram and keep up with our Fizzy summer adventures. 


Photos: Saskia Seifert
Figurehead: Hanna Sylvester

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