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Meditation Apps Might Be The Answer To Calming Your Mind, According To Experts

Zoning out and finding some peace and serenity might be just an app download away.


Our mobile phones have often been the source of a lot of stress in our lives, but recently, experts have suggested that they may also hold the secret to feeling calmer, through the help of apps like Headspace.

Studies from centuries have shown the benefits of meditation, and the overall improvement of our mental health, but the popularity of these apps has brought it to the forefront of social media and a millennial life.

Ava Johanna, host of the wellness podcast The Alchemized Life and a yoga and meditation instructor, suggests that meditation enhances energy as well as manages anxiety: “Meditation is a tool for self-compassion, awareness, and presence that is necessary in our fast-moving digital world. Often we get caught up in mental time travel by replaying the past or worrying about the future in our minds and meditation acts as an anchor to the present moment – which is all we truly have.”

Johanna recommends 1GiantMind or Insight Timer: “It’s a great way to begin with dozens of guided meditations or a simple timer that you can set or focusing simply on your inhales and exhales.”

Perhaps the best thing about using the apps available, is the fact that it makes meditation so much easier, and is literally only a tap away, saving some a lot of time and money. It’s also perfect for beginners or those not really sure about meditation.

Headspace and Calm are two of the most popular options, frequently in the list of most downloaded apps. Not only do they offer easy beginner options, but also deliver free, easy, results for users. Whilst this might be a step away from traditional meditation classes and practice, it is, arguably, a much easier option, and for some, allows meditation to be that much more personal.

Ben Turshen, owner of Ben Turshen Meditation, advocates the meditation apps, saying: “With regular daily practice, the right meditation, even learned through an app, can help relieve stress and anxiety. Remember, the best form of meditation and similarly, the best app is going to be the one you find returning to every day.”

If you’re not convinced that meditation is for you, however, there are plenty of studies that prove other benefits of meditation, other than lower stress levels and managing depression, including better sleep, enhanced self-awareness, lower chances of memory loss, and can even help battle addictions.


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