Mastering the Art of Impromptu Speaking

Structure the ideas in your head.


Having to make an impromptu speech is a frightening prospect for many people. It can make you feel as though your brain isn’t working. You can’t seem to structure the ideas in your head to come out of your mouth in a logical way. What comes out usually isn’t what you would say if you had any time at all to think. Here are some tips that will help you to master the art of impromptu speaking. 

What is impromptu speaking?

Impromptu speaking is when you speak in front of others without any time to prepare beforehand. You may have to stand up and speak in front of an audience with only a few moments’ notice. In most cases, you will probably already have some understanding of the topic, or you wouldn’t be asked to speak. 

An example of an impromptu speech is when you’re a student in college, and the professor asks you to come up to the front of the class and speak about one of the topics from a reading you were assigned. 

Get help with speech writing

It is challenging to give any type of speech, let alone an impromptu speech. If you have to make a speech, you can get help from professional writers. Students often have little time to prepare speeches as they have so much to learn and study. You can make a request to expert writers at EduBirdie, an online service, to “write my speech for me when needed.’ They have the education and experience to craft the type of speech that communicates your voice to the audience. 

Jot down some ideas

Your brain can actually formulate ideas very quickly. It doesn’t take long to come up with a few ideas. You only need to write down a couple of ideas as you can develop them as you speak. If you write down an idea to start with and one to end with, this will help you to decide what to say in the middle. 

Think about what tone you need to use

Your speech will have a different tone depending on where you give it. At a friend’s birthday party, you can speak more casually and not be that serious. If you’re speaking in front of an academic audience or at a business event, you will need to be more professional and formal. Reading the audience is an important part of making a successful impromptu speech. 

Use a framework for your speech 

It helps to have a structure in your mind that you can use to quickly formulate a speech. For example, you can use who, what, where, when and why as a basic structure. 

You can start with ‘who’ to give your speech some context. Ending off why ‘why’ means that you leave the most important statements to the end. The ‘what,’ ‘where,’ and ‘when’ come in between. 

If your speech is about a student organization, you could begin with who started it, its goals, where it wants to develop and grow, when to join, and end with its significance. 

Have some stories you can tell

One of the best impromptu speech tips is to have some stories ready to use. Storytelling is one of the best ways to connect with an audience. If you know a variety of suitable stories, you are likely to have one that is relevant to the speech you need to give. 

Start small and simple

When you aren’t prepared, it helps to start talking simply from your own perspective. From there, you can move on to giving a slightly wider angle and then end up with an overall view. For example, if you’re a student called upon to talk about global warming, you can start off with your personal views. Move on to its significance to the class and end off by giving a global perspective. 

Practice speaking ‘off the cuff’

You may think it’s impossible to practice impromptu speaking. What you can do is practice speaking for about 10 minutes on a variety of random topics. You will get better at this the more you practice. If you record your speech, you can listen to it and see where you could improve. Before long, you will find it gets easier. 


If you can deliver an impromptu speech without being anxious or fearful, this is a great advantage for you. Having the above tips up your sleeve will make you far less nervous. If you’re asked to speak, you will be able to do it with confidence.