Marshall's 'Guided By Music'– A True Rockstar's City Guide

Embrace the rock 'n' roll spirit in each city.


Made for travelers and locals alike, “GUIDED BY MUSIC“ uncovers the rock ‘n’ roll spirit that lives in each neighborhood. Marshall teamed up with talents and creators who take you through some of the hippest districts, where the music scene is thriving. Accompanied by their favorite music, each creator takes us on a trip to the most inspiring places all throughout their neighborhood: insider record stores packed with hidden gems, go-to vintage stores and scene cafes with the city's coolest playlists. With the motto “GUIDED BY MUSIC“ they are all united in their rebellious spirit, offering unique experiences in different scenes of the six cites.

Marshall’s city guide gives real insights to each city’s enjoyment of good music, while highlighting its importance on scene developments. The result is six unique perspectives on how a city, and the music within it, inspires one to create.

Explore each city in true rockstar spirit:

Gulou, Bejing with Hachi 

Situated at the northern end of central Beijing – the record stores are busier than its cafés and the noodle dishes are named after punk bands. Key music venue: School Live Bar.

Kreuzberg, Berlin with Vanellimelli

Located on the southern edge of Berlin, you will find live venues, record stores and bars – all of which have some folklore intertwined with their story. Key music venue: Lido.

Nørrebro, Copenhagen with Freja Wewer

A historically working-class enclave, now considered one of the most eclectic and diverse areas of Copenhagen. Key music venue: Mayhem.

Echo Park, Los Angeles with Boo Johnson

A melting pot filled with musicians, writers, restauranteurs and much more. Key music venue: Zebulon.

Hackney, London with Charlie Barker

One of London’s most prominent areas for cutting-edge music. Key music venue: Moth Club.

11th Arrondissment, Paris with Louise Follain

A district that has fostered the continuous renewal of the local rock scene in Paris. Key music venue: Supersonic.


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