Marshall Introduces The New Kilburn II

The portable speaker packs a punch unlike any other.


If you know anything about Marshall, you know they care about sound. They like it loud. When you see a metal band with stacks of massive amplifiers behind them, we’d wager dollars to donuts that they are Marshall stacks. You don’t have to be in a metal band to enjoy what Marshall can do for you as well. The company still strives to live up to the legacy Jim Marshall has left, even when it comes to how you listen to music, not just how you make music. Marshall has a new portable speaker for you. We’d like to introduce you to Kilburn II. Not that it needs any introduction.

Have you used portable speakers before? Some of them are totally fine, but they often feel like they are lacking a little something. Marshall feels the Kilburn II has fixed those issues. It all begins with Blumlein Stereo Sound. You may not be enough of an audiophile to know what that means, and we aren’t asking you to take a pop quiz here. Let’s keep it simple. With Blumlein Stereo Sound, as interpreted by Marshall’s engineers, you can get multidirectional sound with these speakers. It doesn’t matter where you are in relation to the speaker, the sound will be loud, clear, and packing that Marshall wallop.

That’s not all. If you head down to the beach or to a park it’s not like there is going to be an outlet around. You can’t plug a speaker into the ocean. Don’t sweat it. The Kilburn II offers just over 20 hours of playtime off one single charge. It’s also Bluetooth compatible for wireless music playing.

Alright, so maybe your band never took off after high school. You may never have the need for a Marshall amp. If you care about quality music sound at all, though, you might be in the market for a new portable speaker. When you are carrying the Kilburn II with you to wherever your next destination is, you know that you’ve got the power Marshall is known for in your hands.

Cop the new Marshall Kilburn II here and find out more about the new Marshall Monitor II ANC here.

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