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NYC Model Marisa Bryant Weighs In On Her Success, Beauty Routines And Dealing With All The Haters


Model Marisa Bryant is a new face taking over the fashion world in New York City. At just 21-years-old, Bryant not only has a booming modeling career, but she’s also a successful writer and entrepreneur. Here, the model lets us in on her personal history, future goals and how she keeps a positive energy. 

Hi Marisa, how did you get into modeling? 

I actually got interested in modeling when I was at a shoot with my friend Kiara Belen when I was 17. She let me shadow a shoot with her because she recommended I get into runway and modeling. Everyone my whole life told me I should be a model, and over time, I grew out of being shy and blossomed into it.

When was the moment you knew you could make a living out of it?

I was working as a valet attendant and going to college in  Las Vegas. I would drive back and forth from California booking my own jobs in Vegas and LA. I realized that I was making really good money, but my schedules were clashing so much that my job was getting tired of me. I had to make a choice, and I chose to take a risk and move to LA and pursue modeling.

Who are your biggest modeling role models and why?

I don’t have any idols, but I appreciate the league of supermodels who paved the way for us. 

You are originally from Oregon. How and where did you grow up?

I split up my time between Eugene and Las Vegas. Both places are my home, and I will forever be in love with these places.

When did you move to NYC?

I moved to NYC two years ago from LA. I had barely gotten myself together in LA, and I was scouted online by my mother agent from NYC. I flew out to meet him and go to agency meetings, and from there, it was on!

How does the fashion scene in Cali differ from the one in NYC ? 

Cali is much more laid back and more of a commercial market vs. NYC, which is more high fashion. Also, I love how NYC style differs from LA. I feel so fabulous and comfortable in NYC. It's not weird to see someone walk down the street in a purple fur coat, yellow pants and 10 inch platforms— that’s just who we are here. 

What are the biggest challenges you had to overcome?

I had to overcome fear and stop being so hard on myself. Don’t let anything intimidate you, and everything someone tells you you can't do, you can. I truly believe in the saying "everything you want is on the other side of fear". Over the last two years, I’ve really grown into my true self, and I could never go back. I love myself so much and am confident I can go all the way to the top while also making a change in the world. I never reciprocate bad energy with people; I just pray for others. A lot of things aren't fair, but I see change happening in the industry. I stay focused on myself and my plan.

Do you think personal style for a model is becoming more and more relevant? Or should a model just focus on representing a brand/label?

A model should be versatile. For myself, I want to be a style icon to others. Fashion is the best way of expressing yourself; it's definitely important for a model to be on point with her day to day style.

Do you spend a lot of money on clothes? 

Nope but I have tons of clothes! I’m the ultimate thrift/vintage shopper. Let me shop your look! 

What agency are you signed to?

I’m with Wilhelmina Models. I do have some exciting contract offers in LA that I will be signing next month. Stay tuned!

You started off with managing yourself, how did you do that? 

My friend Kiara gave me some contacts when I started out, and from there, I made my own connections and worked with a non-exclusive with an agency called Envy in Las Vegas. I reached out to photographers, and I slowly put together a book for myself. I’ve always loved runway, so I started at convention shows, such as MAGIC in Las Vegas and Style Fashion Week in LA. Those things don’t seem that extravagant to me today, but honestly they paved the way for me and prepared me in a way that I’m so thankful for. Practice makes perfect. Although I wasn’t walking the biggest shows a couple years ago, I had a steady income all by myself. It was hard; I really had to be on it every single day because I didn’t have an agency working in my favor at the time.

It’s 2017, and being a model can mean a billion things: influencer, runway model… What type of model are you?

I’m all of it! I am a commercial and high fashion model, so luckily I can do both; it’s a blessing. I also am a brand influencer, fitness model, etc. It all ties together.

Please finish following sentence: “I would really like to become the face of…” 

Victoria’s Secret and Maybelline

The model industry can be such a tough game. What kind of advice can you give to girls wanting to enter the fashion industry?

You have to be strong. People with no backbone who won't stand for something will fall. Having a positive outlook on every single thing and motivating yourself to keep going— even when they tell you no— that means everything.

How do you keep yourself sane in all that craziness?

I’m super positive about everything. I pray continuously and do yoga. I take care of myself first, and that’s most important. I’m also aware of the energy I keep around me; I only accept love in my life. 

Besides being a model, you are a legit business woman. Tell us more about that.

I have multiple side hustles. I make sure my income comes from more than one place. I also have so many interests that I could never just be a model. Yes, modeling helps with a lot of other things I do, but I always wanted my own business and so much more. I am a model in many markets, a writer and an entrepreneur. I have some special projects in the works that I can’t discuss right now. That’s the element of surprise. ;)

You are also a writer for Galore Mag. How did that come along? 

Galore is my family; I’m so thankful for everything they’ve done for me! I started as an intern helping out with content managing about 8 months ago. As I got more involved with the company, I focused more toward the entertainment and beauty aspect of the media outlet. I conducted interviews, hosted Galore TV, and my senior editor gave me the privilege of writing my own content (mostly beauty). 

For all the girls out there: what is your morning beauty routine? 

Every A.M. I use a coffee scrub to wake my face up— preferably the one from Lush. Then I use a little raw shea butter over blemishes or acne scars. I use castor oil on my brows and lashes everyday as well. I’m on a month clean right now, so no makeup— just all natural products. 

What can we expect for 2017/18 from you?

I’m coming for blood, and that’s all I will say. This year is so important for the shaping of the rest of my career. With my modeling and my personal ventures, it will definitely all come together.

Thanks for chatting with us!