Maren Davidsen Releases New Single 'Doctor's Order'

The singer takes us through her teenage years, on a journey towards self-love.


It's not a love song. Or at least, not in the congenial sense. In her newest release 'Doctors Order', Maren Davidsen sings for the love lost towards her then-17-year-old self.

"I wasn't sure if I would ever be ready for the world to hear some of the most intimate details of my life", the now 25 year old confesses. With forlorn and poetic lyrics such as "when will I fall in love with me", tracing the hopelessness felt by a teenage girl at war with herself over the size of her body, Maren braces listeners with a glimpse of her own past - one shared by a rising number of young people worldwide. Wistful lyrics like "told her nothing looks as good as skinny feels / Hey doc why do I care about the calories" show the discontent of singer's younger self with both her feelings and the reflection looking back at her in the mirror.

Having kept the track in mind but undercover for the best of a decade, Maren has realized the true potential of her platform when coupled with her raw and emotive vocals. She hopes to show individuals who can relate to the lyrics that they are not alone; "I realize having a platform to talk about the things others are equally scared of is what makes art meaningful to the world. I was looking for answers everywhere but within to figure out who I was". 

Having herself come a long way from the insecure teenager who believed that controlling outward appearance would fix her inward thoughts, she revisits her younger self with lyrics that grapple with the singer's tiredness of tailoring her appearance to please the outside world, whilst being submissed by by medical professionals;

"She says pretty's gonna hurt / and no pill has ever worked, so choose your battles babe".

Blending commercial pop and indie harmonizations with her ethereal and melancholic vocals, 'Doctor's Order' is the Norwegian singer's first venture into a deeper and more personalized storytelling through music. Having found confidence through music to share her story, Maren hopes to embolden and inspire people struggling with mental health, in similar positions to her younger self.

'Doctor's Order' is now available to stream on Spotify, and you can keep up with the singer's journey via her Instagram: @maren.davidsen