Photo: Tim Sodoge

Making The Most Of Your Twenties

Why the rush in growing up?


Finishing school or university feels like a huge weight off your shoulders. Everything you have worked for throughout the last few years falls into place and you’ve achieved your end goal. But what comes after? You’ve spent the last three years knowing where you should be at the end of those three years, but you get there and instead of feeling happy your left with that stomach crippling feeling of what’s next?

It seems like our generation are figuring out what they want to be and what they want to achieve so much earlier than previous generations. Every time you log onto facebook oh look, someone’s engaged or someone else is pregnant and hey look that person there just got a big promotion. Meanwhile you’re half a bottle deep in red wine, eating cereal out the box and having an existential crisis trying to figure out what to be.

Social media has a way of looking like you have your shit together when you probably don’t. Having a baby, getting married, a pay rise – all of those things are really great but just because that’s the path that other people are on doesn’t mean you have to follow suit. Life isn’t a race in the slightest (awful cliché I know) and sometimes your brain has a funny little way of making you feel like you should be doing and achieving more than you have. How are you meant to commit your life to something when you haven’t figured out your own life yet?

Next time you go online and see that people are moving forward in life, try and list the good things in yours. When I say good things, it doesn’t have to be a show stopping exciting event, it could be something little like going to a job interview regardless of if you get it or not, starting a new relationship or taking up a new hobby. All these seemingly small insignificant things are actually the most significant because they end up shaping who you are and where you want to be.

Your twenties should be a time for making mistakes, spending money on stupid things, being spontaneous and not worrying about what other people are saying or doing. Stay out until 3am, go to work with a hangover and regret, take a personal day, spend money on things you don’t want or need - where you are now is where you’re meant to be. If you can’t do it in your twenties, then when can you?


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