Make Your Clothing Last Longer With These Tips

Don’t Toss your clothing out just yet


Did you know that research has shown that lowering how often you wash your jeans can extend its lifetime? It isn't necessary to wash them as often as you may think. Now a major stain is definitely worth the wash, and maybe if you’ve been wearing them frequently back to back. If you can avoid washing your jeans more than necessary then please do. 

Give your sweater a fuzz cut the same way you give yourself a haircut. If you're wondering what a fuzz cut is you can get a sweater shaver to cut off the fuzz that accumulates on your fave sweaters. It’s an easy way to keep your sweaters from looking old. We all hate when that shirt we love shrinks after we wash it. Does that mean you don’t wear it anymore ? No way! You can fill a sink with semi-warm water and add a tablespoon of detergent/shampoo. After the detergent has settled in the water, let your piece of clothing soak in there for half an hour. When the 30 minutes are up lightly stretch it then rinse it with cold water. 


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The holes in your jeans can quickly be fixed with some iron-on patches. Forget the needle and thread for now. You choose a patch that is larger than the tear and has a similar wash like your jeans for a better outcome. It also just happens that jeans with patches are quite the trend and you may look like you got yourself a new pair of jeans. 


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