Inside Madhappy The Fashion Brand With Positive Vibes

Behind the brightly colored and slogan clothing are five influential young men trying to get a message across.


Madhappy is the clothing brand that launched back in 2017 with an ethos of promoting positivity and optimism through the form of clothing. This is done by integrating encouraging slogans and colors with positive connotations into their designs. The latest collection includes a mixture of greens, whites, and blues which all have a very natural, organic and airy feel to them. Over the two years, the brand has gone from selling tees and hoodies to now branded accessories and even biker shorts!


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The brains behind this empowering Los Angeles brand are brothers Noah and Peiman Raf and friends Joshua and Mason. The young men, all aged between 23 and 25, came together to encourage those struggling with their mental health to open up. The young men state “growing up in Los Angeles and in New York… brands felt very closed off or negative” but they planned to change all this with Madhappy.


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Having suffered with their own mental health, the young men were inspired to do much more than just create a fashion brand, so they created an inclusive community. Madhappy now hosts pop-up events providing customers and fans with a personal experience and allowing them to discuss any issues they are having with a member of the team. Even more impressive, they have partnered with several charities and organizations to use their platform and raise awareness of how important mental health is.

A fun and refreshing brand driven to help a society where mental health is a problem for many of us! Madhappy allows those struggling to be a part of a community where they feel comfortable to open up. Is it only a matter of time before other fashion brands follow in Madhappy’s lead? We sure hope so! Check out their online store here.

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